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Cloud IT Services
Protect Your Valuable E-Mail Data and Services Via The Cloud
24/7 Email Security from Inventas

Ensuring your business is protected from security threats is crucial. Including, e-mail viruses, spam, phishing, denial of service attacks, and directory harvest attacks.

Ramp up your protection and security with our industry leading 24/7   E-Mail Security.

At Inventas security is of the highest priority, that is why our spam filtering and hosted e-mail security services include the most up to date virus and spam filtering protection on today’s market.

Email Archiving

In todays world it is vital that IT departments can locate business critical e-mails quickly and accurately in minutes.

With our archiving solution, it is simple and easy to locate those vital  e-mails smoothly and efficiently. To provide the level of functionality required by modern business’s today

Email Continuity

E-mail data is essential to the majority of businesses. Can you afford to lose vital emails?

However long or short the outage, most organisations will experience some sort of disruption over the course of a year.

Missing emails can cause major disruption to companies from reduced productivity to missed opportunities.

If for any reason you experience email disruption, our continuity service will provide you access to log in, and continue to use your email service as normal, until your server is back up and running.

Back ups of all email activity that is carried out whilst your server is down, will be saved.

Website Security

Inventas’ website security provides precise content blocking, URL filtering equiping your business with extra security.

Our cloud-based service ensures our clients are protected 24/7.

We continually evaluate the best technology to ensure you always have the best and most up to date protection available.

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