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What is IT Support?

Information technology (IT) support, sometimes known simply as technical support, is a service that provides assistance to an individual or company with problems related to computer technology. Businesses can either employ their own IT staff or employ a specific IT support company to perform this function.

What is it support

Businesses, especially small businesses, may not have the money, resources or space to operate their own dedicated IT support department, so instead ‘outsource’ their IT support work to a specialist company.

In doing so, they gain immediate access to experienced, qualified IT experts as frequently or infrequently as required at a fraction of the cost of employing their own IT staff. Companies offering outsourced IT support often have divisions dealing with other aspects of IT, such as website design and hosting, so provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for business IT needs.

The practice of outsourcing IT support is well established, and many businesses have found that an IT support partner with technical expertise, and an understanding of the market and customer service requirements of the business in question, has had a huge impact on their growth.

Companies such as Inventas offer outsourced IT support services as an alternative to a costly in-house IT support department. They offer the peace of mind of knowing that technical support from qualified specialists is available whenever and wherever you need it. If you need 24/7 IT support cover, or a visit from a local technician if problems cannot be resolved remotely, you’ll find that these and many other options are available.
Whatever your requirements, it’s worth getting in touch to see how outsourced IT support can work for your business.

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