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SEO - PPC & Social Media

Sustainable & Profitable On-Line Marketing with Inventas

Selling online means more than just having a website. As with any other form of selling it needs marketing that’s targeted to make the most of opportunities.

There are many things to consider when selling on the web. Starting with a site that has an effective structure, good content and is accessible to search engines. At Inventas we offer a full range of online marketing services. Our retail specialists can help you to achieve real, measurable results from your website. We’ll help you come up with the right plans to make the most of your marketing budget and meet your business needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way of improving a website’s ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Search ranking is important to online success, however good your website is if people can’t find it you won’t be getting any benefit from having one.

Effective SEO ensures that you get a proportion of the search results relevant to your site and products. There’s a lot of competition online and getting your customers to find you is half the battle. In addition the search engines periodically change the rules related to searches which can affect your results.

Our SEO specialists will carry out an analysis of your site’s keywords and your competitors. They’ll then recommend a cost-effective plan to improve your sites page rank. We always use ethical methods so that you can be sure your site won’t be penalised by search engines for breaking their rules.

We offer a range of SEO packages including fixed monthly charges and shared-risk services with payments linked to the performance of your site. If you’d rather take care of your own SEO we also offer a structured online training program. This is a series of one hour sessions in which we take you through the elements of SEO. Lessons are delivered by our specialists and there’s ongoing email coaching.

As part of planning your SEO strategy we’ll carry out a website business assessment. This covers any changes that you may need to make to your existing site, recommended keywords and phrases to use, your online position in relation to your main competitors and other key factors. A website assessment is highly recommended before you take any decisions regarding your online marketing plan.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) is an effective way to pull traffic to your site and convert it into sales. But as with SEO you need to work out an effective campaign in order to get the most out of your investment. A great deal can be gained from effective PPC advertising especially if it’s used with proactive market research.

Our specialists will help you come up with an effective PPC plan and help you set a budget, they can then manage and monitor this on your behalf. We’ll work with you to get the best results, checking advertising effectiveness, sell through rates and return on investment to make sure you get the most from your budget.

We can build managed Google PPC campaigns to an agreed monthly budget and we’ll work with you to create and track adverts. There’s generally a minimum monthly charge for this or we can agree on a management fee based on sales. We also offer an online training program where our experts will take you through the essential elements of PPC should you wish to manage your own campaign.

To achieve the best results PPC should be uses in conjunction with SEO. It’s an effective way of getting your online sales moving whilst a longer term SEO plan kicks in. This means that your PPC spend can be cut back over time as organic site traffic increases.

Email Marketing

Many people find that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for growing their business. Every customer who buys from you is a potential repeat sale or someone who will refer friends and colleagues. It’s therefore vital to keep them in touch with your latest products or offers and other events like new store openings.

Inventas specialists can help you create a timely and effective email campaign, deliver and monitor your emails, assist with the design and content of the messages and help you collate and manage your mailing lists. We’ll help you grow your customer base, create repeat sales and build customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

In the modern world social media is hard to ignore. It’s a key part of most successful online marketing campaigns. Social media can be a powerful and effective online marketing tool and may be essential to success for many businesses.

Inventas specialists can help you to build effective campaigns and content for services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We’ll work with your in-house marketing team to come up with a social media strategy that gets results. We’ll help you devise a social media strategy and plan, we can also come up with a managed social media programme where we do the work for you. Alternatively we can provide training for those who’d rather run their campaigns themselves.