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Stock Taking Solutions

Inventas I-Stock and I-Sync


Stocktaking used to be a pain, involving numerous trips from office to stores in order to count and then compare and adjust stock. Now though Inventas has a solution in the form of I-Stock and I-Synch which means you can perform your stocktaking operations live on site, usually within a day. Conventional stocktaking could take a week or more so our remote solution provides a solid return on investment, saving on travel costs, staff time and more.

Our flexible, innovative scanning software makes it easy to carry out stocktaking anywhere. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Works with most Windows CE compatible scanning devices.
  • Single barcodes or batches can be scanned direct to a PC, server or mobile device.
  • Multiple stock items can be scanned fast.
  • Can be configured for most barcode formats.
  • Mobile connectivity.
  • Active Sync cradle connection for data transfer
  • Connectivity by fixed network cable.
  • On-the-go barcode validation.
  • Straightforward and configurable user interface.
  • Easily audited barcode count.
  • Range of management reports.
  • Secure data logging and backup facilities.
  • Management interface that’s flexible and can be adapted to common stock control databases.

As more retailers now sell online as well as from their shops, stock accuracy is an important issue. Stock needs to be moved around fast and records of stock levels have to be kept up to date across all locations.

The ability to stock take and carry out transfers live between locations means our I-Stock and I-Synch mobile scanning system stands out from the crowd. It provides an intuitive stocktaking and stock transfer system based on a Microsoft CE mobile device.

A barcode scanning application is used to capture stock data and includes verification against your stock list for accuracy. Once captured data can be sent directly to our data integration and management system via a network, wirelessly or through a cradle attached to a PC. It can then be checked at the push of a button and imported into a stock control database via I-Synch.

Prior to importing into your database the data can be edited from any location with a broadband connection. I-Stock and I-Synch together offer a leading edge stocktaking and transfer system which offers major savings, greater accuracy, more flexibility and faster results.


What Our Customers Say


London Retail Trading
I-Stock and I-Synch have significantly improved warehouse efficiency.

PWP Reigate
Stock taking is so much easier now that we can scan and compare stock in our central HQ from any store.

Craigdon Mountain Sports
Remote warehousing became a practical and realistic option with I-Synch. A great innovation.


Following a review of our concession stock taking practices in 20010, Regatta identified a number of significant areas for improvement and set about sourcing suitable, future proof technology that would allow them to deliver the benefits implicit in their improvement plans. With a need to carry out regular stock takes at over 178 concessions spread around the UK, Regatta wanted a solution that included the ability to:

  • Carry out a remote count of stock from any of the concessions and transfer the count over the Internet for HQ processing thus cutting out the costly and time consuming element of needing to send the stock taking gun back to HQ for downloading.
  • Scan and commit the stock take count wirelessly thus avoiding the need for a download of data via cradle to a local host Pc or server.
  • Select the scanning location from a remote download of the valid location codes.
  • Constrain the scanning activity to allowable barcode formats thus avoiding erroneous scan results.
  • Use modern scanning devices that could be updated without the need for expensive software changes.

After an extensive search of available stock taking solutions and an in-house trial, Regatta chose the Inventas I Stock solution as the one that most suited their current and potential future needs.

Regatta have now been using the Inventas I stock solution since 2012 and are pleased with the results and its contribution towards achieving their improvement plans key to this are:

I Stock has allowed the stocktaking team to carry out more stock takes per week.
The scanners are a lot more accurate than previous ones which results in less anomolies and better results.
The fact that they work on WiFi has meant that the data can be sent to head office quicker and easier, giving us a faster turnaround time when processing stock take results.
Regatta is happy to recommend the Inventas I stock solution and have found their experience of working with Inventas an enjoyable one.

Chris Bulmer
Group IT Director
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About Regatta

With over 80 years and 3 generations experience in making high quality waterproofs, the Black family established the Regatta Brand in 1981 and has developed it into the UK’s largest supplier of outdoor and leisure clothing and a leading player in the European market
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