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Software Development

Software Development

There’s a huge variety of attractive off-the-shelf packages available, so why do people still look for bespoke solutions? It’s often because, however good a package may be it often can’t provide a total solution for your business. You can customise certain elements but it will never be a perfect fit for your processes. Thanks to our bespoke development services we can enable companies to gain genuine competitive advantage through a focused and customised approach which suppliers of packaged software will find hard to match.

We can help you to develop a total solution if you need one or simply build an add-on package that integrates with your existing software to produce the functionality that your company needs.

Because our development team has a wide range of knowledge encompassing many different business areas they can understand your individual needs. Once we have analysed your requirements and begun the process of building your solution, our methodology is to place the software on a development portal. This means that the client can follow the process every step of the way and ensure that their needs are being met. It also helps determine the vital look and feel of the system which is key to how well it suits the customer’s requirements. The process allows clients to sign off at various stages throughout the development cycle so that the project stays on track and any problems are spotted before they become too serious. This way we ensure that we deliver the right product every time.


Stock Taking Solutions

Intuitive stock taking and transfer system entirely based on a mobile computer device.

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Simple, intuitive conversion of data into any stock management system.

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Integrates into I-Retail, RMS and POS 2009 providing seamless integration into the Commidea Chip & Pin payments system.

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Microdec Integration

Inventas have developed software for direct integration with Microdec’s Profile CRM software.

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