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Online Backup

Your data is worth more than you think!

In the modern world data is the lifeblood of business. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to collect business data, whether it’s sales records, presentations, formulas or client lists. This data is valuable and losing it could be disastrous. It can take weeks to rebuild and may even lead to you having to shut down your operation. Whether your hard drive fails or a file gets accidentally deleted, recovering data takes time, is expensive and there’s no guarantee you’ll get everything back.

Data Loss can Harm Your Business

For most businesses these days data is closely linked to their day-to-day operation. This means that losing data or even being temporarily unable to access it can threaten your competitiveness. Companies that don’t have a backup and recovery plan in place may well end up out of business if they lose their data. There’s also a risk that if you lose customer data for example you could ruin your reputation or even end up facing legal action.

Even if you have a conventional backup solution in place it may not be good enough for several reasons:

  • A failed or corrupted backup may not be detected until you attempt to restore the data.
  • Read/write speeds may be slow especially with older mediums like tape.
  • Maintenance and support costs are high.
  • Data may not be encrypted.
  • Fixed capacity of media makes the job less flexible.
  • Open to human error such as forgetting to run jobs or misplacing media.

Storage and Backup in the Cloud

Critical to the success of a cloud backup service is the technology behind it. By investing in best-in-class storage and backup technology, Inventas ensures it can do the crucial job of looking after a company’s data.

We use storage technology from global technology leader HP. At the heart of our philosophy is enabling users to work faster and more efficiently, whether they’re using a PC or mobile device, and using the same applications they’d have in a non-cloud environment.

Our system ensures that all company data including email and databases are backed up each day. This takes place over a high-speed internet link to our Manchester data centre ensuring that copies of data are available in different geographical locations in the event of a disaster. Inventas is now storing 3TB of data for its clients.

This has a number of advantages to your business:

  • Backup is fully automatic eliminating human error.
  • Disc-based backup means no need to rotate media or buy tapes.
  • Local disc copy for high-speed restores over your local network.
  • Auto-replication automatically copies replicated data offsite.
  • Simple administration which can be performed remotely.
  • No staff management issues.

Security and Reliability

Unlike some other backup methods your cloud backup with Inventas means that your critical data is protected. The backup uses 256-bit encryption for the data which is also compressed. It’s secure in transit too because it’s uploaded to our data centre using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Everything is automated so there’s no possibility of human error meaning backups are missed or files skipped. This ensures a high success rate should you need to restore your data.

Proven Solution

The backup software we use is a proven solution, currently with over half a million installations worldwide. With such a massive user base you can be sure that all possible problems have been identified and eliminated. You can therefore use our backup with complete confidence.