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Why is my Company Backup so big?

Why is my Backup so big? “I’m only a company of 25 users”

Only the Best Recruiters Limited are a small company of specialist recruiters and pride themselves by only employing the very best recruiters.

Last year, they decided to move their backups to an online service as part of a review of their IT practices.
They were allocated a 250GB of online storage which seemed a lot as their backups were only 90GB.
They understood that the backup was made up from nightly backup and a retention area so if required
they could restore data from previous backups.

Inventas informed them to increase their allocation and we received the following question:

We were only 18 users at the beginning of the year, and have only increased our users by 7 why do we need to increase the storage allocation already?

7 new user’s? Let’s take a look at how they gained 7 new followers…

Why is my Company Backup so big?

So, 7 new users:
Had they forgotten the 4 new user’s in Feb, 3 of which have since left?
Another 5 users in March of which they let 2 go?
And the 2 which started in July and only 1 remains with the company?
And the 5 which started in August and 2 are still there as they were the best of the 5.
The net ‘7’ was actually ’16’.

So are you still saying 7 user’s ??

Now assume that Only the Best Recruiters grow year on year. It’s clear to see how quickly data grows at such as fast pace if not policed.

So, you can see that there is has been an increase of 7 users they actually employed 16 new users during the year, even so the majority of them are no longer with Only the Best Recruiters. However, the data they generated while they were there still is.

This will include personnel data on their home drives, shared data which they have added into the company shared drives such as emails.

Put this together with the normal every data growth that companies generate, you can see why storage requirements constantly grow.

Why is company backup so big

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