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Web Security

Inventas Web Security SaaS

Keeping systems safe on the web is a constant arms race between the malware writers and security companies. This means that conventional installed solutions can allow new threats to slip through the net. The advantage of Inventas webs Security SaaS (Software as a Service) is that it can block threats in the cloud before they can get to your network.

As there’s no hardware or software to be managed you benefit not only from better protection but also lower ownership costs. It’s a comprehensive solution, guarding against viruses, phishing and inappropriate use and can be used to replace or supplement your company’s existing security.

The software as a service model is very flexible which means that companies can scale services around their needs making it easier to manage growth. In addition Inventas web Security SaaS extends protection seamlessly to mobile users, giving you better security overall and increased productivity.


Web Threat Protection

The Inventas Web Security SaaS product scans all HTTP and FTP over HTTP traffic for viruses and it does so in the cloud, allowing it to block threats before they get to your network. Using best-in-class antivirus protection it guarantees 100% protection against known virus threats, plus a zero-hour filter using heuristic techniques guards against new and undiscovered variants.

There’s anti-spyware protection too, powered using the industry’s leading engine, Inventas Spy Sweeper. This software protects more than 10 million desktops around the world. Anti-phishing is taken care of using advanced heuristic processes to spot phishing sites in real time and ensure sensitive corporate and personal data stays safe.

URL and Content Filtering

Company internet usage policy can be enforced via web content filtering. This helps protect users from inappropriate content, improves productivity and protects against data loss. Inventas filters content based on the URLs of websites but also by web application, attachment type and file size. It categorises millions of URLs into 12 main and 96 sub categories, with a continually updated database to ensure accuracy and control.


Internet Access Control

You can set internet access policy on a group or individual basis, and rules can be applied by time and location. Administrators can set website access to Allowed, Blocked or Coached to help educate users and control internet use. For greater control and flexibility Inventas offers the ability to create custom allow and deny lists for URLs.

Enhanced Policy Enforcement

Using anonymiser and proxy by-pass detection allows internet use policy to be enforced even if a user attempts to access pages via an anonymiser site. Inventas can also offer a unique scan ahead technology that looks at search engine queries and sends back colour-coded results based on the user’s internet access policy rules. This not only helps to enforce web usage policy but also guards against online threats and harmful content.


Management Console

The product provides an intuitive console to allow administrators to manage their internet usage and security policies. This gives secure access to Inventas’ powerful rules engine and so facilitates the setting up of access policies at user, group and account levels. There’s a real-time web traffic dashboard too that shows a summary of company website access broken down by category and by common search terms.


Logging and Reporting in Real-time

Which sites and which downloads users have tried to access, and whether they were successful, can be displayed in real time. You can also create more detailed reports on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. This allows accurate monitoring of internet use and the creation of management reports and graphs showing web trends, the top blocked addresses, blocked malware, usage of bandwidth and more. Up to 100 individual charts can be included in scheduled reports providing maximum insight into company and user internet patterns.


Protecting Roaming Users

Transparent enforcement of company internet policy is possible with Inventas Web Security SaaS regardless of where an employee might be working, whether they’re at home or even at an airport, hotel or using a public access point. Laptop users get automatic, seamless protection even when they’re outside their office network. Since the Inventas service is cloud based mobile users can be authenticated directly with the service rather than having to establish a VPN connection to the corporate network. By providing roaming protection you not only enhance network security but also boost employee productivity.

Deployment and Availability

Deployment to customers can usually be completed in under a week. There’s no expensive hardware and software to buy and no equipment maintenance costs. You also get Inventas’ guarantee of 99.9% service availability which ensures you have a secure web communications system providing consistent and reliable access.