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Virtualization is one of the latest buzzwords in the IT world. It involves eliminating the old model where you had a separate server for each application and running several virtual machines on a single hardware platform. By optimising costs and resources and improving capacity planning virtualization can deliver your business IT more cost effectively.

Inventas has built considerable expertise in this field, from small single server systems to multiple VMware servers to provide maximum uptime in the event of hardware failure.

Reasons to Virtualize

  • You only need to have a single server to use VMware and be able to virtualize your IT environment. You can have multiple virtual servers on a single machine so the up-front costs are lower.
  • Having several virtual systems on one physical machine is cheaper than buying multiple systems.
  • You need less space to accommodate your servers, saving you money and freeing up office space for other uses.
  • Your power bill will be reduced as you run fewer machines and have less need for server room cooling.
  • Maintenance and upgrades are cheaper as you only have to worry about one system rather than several.

Budget Savings

One of the biggest advantages of VMware is the reduced need for hardware. Because less kit is needed businesses can make significant savings on their IT budgets. This makes server virtualization ideal for small to medium businesses that need less computing resource and even for larger firms that are seeking to optimise their current operation. In addition space requirements are reduced when you cut down on the number of physical servers. Virtualization leads to a streamlined data centre with lower power and maintenance requirements.

System Availability

If you have mission critical systems using VMware and Vsphere can help reduce your downtime. VMwares heartbeat monitoring detects physical server failure and can automatically switch your operation to another virtualized server to keep your systems running.