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Server Monitoring

IT server monitoring that never sleeps

Because it pulls together all of your company’s systems, the server is the most important element of your IT infrastructure. This also means that it’s uniquely vulnerable as it represents the single biggest point of network failure. If your server goes down so does everything else.

Fortunately modern servers are robust and rarely fail, but when they do the cost of putting things right and the loss to the business in terms of data and time can be catastrophic. Although you can plan for the worst failures, by their nature, tend to be unpredictable and it can be hard for even the best IT team to see problems coming.

Ideally you’d want to check on your server at regular intervals, say around 15 minutes, on a 24/7 basis to check for the warning signs of failure. If you feel that you may be vulnerable to hackers and viruses or denial of service attacks you’d want to check for those too. By looking for the early warning signs you can head off disaster before it hits.

Round the Clock Server Monitoring

Inventas Monitoring uses a secure link between your mission critical IT business network functions and our own dedicated monitoring server. This runs a complete scan of your servers every 15 minutes to check on a number of criteria:

  • Server load, CPU and memory status.
  • Antivirus protection status.
  • Backup task status.
  • Website accessibility.
  • External DDoS or hacker attacks.
  • Amount of disk space used.
  • Critical event checks.