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Server Hosting

Server Hosting / Co-location

With the advance of communications providing faster and more reliable Internet connectivity, a paradigm shift is taking place in the way that businesses provision and maintain their IT systems. Traditionally a business system has required server equipment located within the premises, also requiring supporting components such as networking, cabling, communications, server cabinets, UPS, KVM…. This infrastructure also requires installation, and ongoing support and maintenance.

High speed communcations have presented an alternate strategy that many businesses are taking advantage of. Why pay the expense of having your server on-premise, when you can locate it in a datacentre and have all of the supporting infrastructure taken care of for you already, allowing you to operate your business system for a fraction of the cost. We can even help take you fully into “The Cloud” (also referred to as cloud computing), providing server virtualisation to help reduce costs even further by eliminating the need to purchase server hardware.

Expert Knowledge / Proven Cost Savings

We do not just resell hosted services – we install and manage our own network and equipment into a purpose built Tier 3 datacenter to ensure that your systems are in the safe hands of our experts, 24/7. We can accomodate a variety of hosting requirements from a single 1U application server through to private redundant server farms across multiple facilties. Contact our dedicated sales team today to find out how colocation could help reduce your operating costs.

  • Significantly reduce your business system and server operating and maintenance costs
  • Inventas own hosting network and equipment allowing highly flexible solutions for our clients
  • Tier-3 datacentre facility, with industry leading Cooling / Power / Security / Fire Supression
  • Eliminate the cost of powering and cooling your systems on-premise
  • Range of Internet connectivity options available with customised bandwidth and connectivity solutions
  • Advanced hot/cold aisle cooling for your equipment – No more heat failure and air conditioning costs!
  • Can provide ‘wires only’ server hosting right through to fully managed business system hosting
  • Datacentre within 30 minutes of Inventas team of helpdesk engineers and experts
  • Hosting your servers significantly reduces the risk of disaster due to datacentre grade, redundant infrastructure