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Email Archiving

Hosted Email Archiving

The volume of email has grown by a huge amount in recent years as it’s become the preferred communication tool of business. Some estimates put the increase at 500% over the last ten years. This poses problems in terms of the amount of storage needed, but also operationally when you need to retain messages for compliance and audit purposes.

Hosted mail archiving uses the power of the cloud to deliver a reliable, secure, scalable and affordable service to businesses of all sizes. Organisations can take advantage of improved storage management as well as improved discovery and compliance.

Why Use Hosted Mail Archiving?

Compliance with Regulations

One of the biggest drivers behind the use of email archiving is regulatory compliance. This applies not only to the financial services sector but increasingly to businesses of all types and sizes. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the public now has the right to access information held by public authorities. The act also makes it a criminal offence to alter, erase, destroy, deface or conceal records including email with the intention of preventing disclosure.

Another piece of legislation, the Data Protection Act, also applies to both the public and private sectors. An organisation exposes itself to great risks if it doesn’t have the ability to produce an accurate audit trail of email communication. Hosted email archiving is an effective way of complying with these regulations without creating a drain on your finances or your IT resources.

Litigation Support and Discovery

If you should get involved in legal proceedings, the organisation’s email is often the subject of discovery orders. Around 75% of discovery orders today specify email records as part of their content. Litigation support is another area that works on the same principle.

With hosted email archiving you have immediate access to search your old messages and retrieve them, supporting increase demands for litigation support and electronic discovery.

Managing Storage

The size of email archives continues to grow and this places added focus on the scalability and cost of the storage devices used to store them. For even the best equipped IT department managing and constantly upgrading email storage infrastructure on site is becoming too costly.

By using hosted email archiving, enterprises can achieve faster delivery times along with quicker recovery if required. It also significantly cuts the amount of time a user needs to spend managing their inbox. Users don’t need to involve the IT helpdesk when they need to recover old messages. Compared to traditional storage solutions companies can cut costs by up to 60% by using hosted archiving.

Saving Corporate Knowledge

Because email is now the main communication tool in organisations it stores a vast amount of useful corporate knowledge. If you fail to preserve this you face the risk of not just losing the information but also wasting the employee resource that was expended on generating it.

Choosing hosted email archiving can secure your data, protecting your business from the threat of losing vital information.


  • Outlook Integration
  • Archive external email
  • Archive internal email
  • Speed and scalability
  • End-user archive access
  • Rapid deployment
  • E-discovery
  • ‘Drillable’ search requests
  • Works with 3rd party filtering
  • Full text indexing
  • UNLIMITED email storage