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Stocktaking Solutions Explained

For many businesses, stocktaking is a slow and error-prone experience which requires multiple trips between offices and stores to count, compare and adjust your stock levels. It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of wasting time using conventional stocktaking systems, why not make use of your existing Windows CE compatible devices to scan, manage and handle the stock transfer process automatically? Find out more about our Stocktaking Solution’s; iStock and iSync.

The Inventas I-Stock and I-Sync systems include a Hardware Scanning Device and associated software elements which make it easy to scan single barcodes or batches of barcodes and upload that data directly to your in-house database. As long as your stock has barcodes, regardless of the system, you can track stock levels and audit your stock on the go.

How it works

The specialist software module, connected to your scanning device, allows your barcode scanner to work directly with your Window CE Mobile Operating system to accurately capture stock data. Communication to the main stock control system PC is also facilitated by a software module, otherwise known as a HQ element. This clever HQ element processes all the scanned information and sends it directly it to the stock control system and data management system via a FTP connection, direct data link or file transfer.

You can then verify your scanned data against your stock list on your PC. With just a push of a button you can import your data into a database via the impressive I-Sync system. To make this easier across multiple sites, you can edit the data using a broadband connection before you begin uploading your vital data. Together our I-Stock and I-Sync offer a comprehensive, time-saving and flexible solution to stocktaking.


At Inventas, we aim to refine the process of stocktaking. By making our gun software compatible with a wide range of scanning guns, they can be implemented into any business so you can start using as soon as it is installed. Our solution not only improves accuracy, it increases stocktaking productivity too! Our system permits this usually time intensive task to be completed all one site, so you and your staff can quickly conduct recounts and run checks to understand discrepancies.

The Inventas I-stock and I-sync system will revolutionise your stock control processes, thanks to the straightforward and configurable user interface, mobile connectivity and the on-the-go barcode validation. Not only can you directly scan single barcodes but you can also scan batches directly to your PC, server or mobile device. These incredible features make I-stock and I-sync the perfect solution. The range of management reports that can be generated will make an instant difference to your business alone. The incredibly intelligent HQ element can even process your data to create a CSV export to your PC!

The secure data logging and backup facilities mean you and your business can avoid potential issues that could hinder a day’s work or jeopardise your customer service. Our system is designed to make every aspect of stocktaking incredibility straightforward by integrating an Active Sync cradle connection for data transfer as well as the easy audited barcode count.

Accurate Stock Counting

It is more important than ever for retailers to keep an accurate stock count, and that is exactly what I-Stock can help you achieve. If you sell products online as well as in-store, or offer a click and collect service to your customers, then it is imperative that you know how many of each item you have in stock so that your customers don’t arrive at the store to find that the product they had reserved is out of stock.

The Inventas system lets you keep track of items, perform a stock transfer between different locations and manage your databases remotely with I-Sync. Keeping track of where things are and getting reports on stock levels is simple. The system is easy to use, just like a traditional barcode scanner and is compatible with the Windows CE devices that are commonly found in the world of retail today. Your employees should find it easy to get to grips with the system, with minimal training required. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on upgrading your hardware or teaching people how to use a new stock-taking system.

Happy clients

Family owned outdoor and sportswear company Regatta, use the CSV export method to transfer the captured data to their stock system, making count comparison and adjustments a piece of cake. Regatta finds our system suits their need to take regular stock takes across a multitude of sites including large warehouses, concession and franchise operations. Multi store retailers, and those that have sites dotted all around the country, will benefit from our advanced system.

We are continuously updating and reviewing our system to provide the best service for our customers. We understand the importance of precise and reliable stock control for every business. As a promise, we keep clients abreast of our latest technological innovations, launches and enhancements – so you can continue to supply the demand.

Here at Inventas, we continue to stay at the forefront of technology by expanding our services. We are currently working on an exciting project which includes developing stocktaking hardware such as barcode printers and scanning devices. If you wish to learn more about our stocktaking solutions iStock and iSync and our current progress, visit our website and get in touch.

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