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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also referred to as Infrastructure as a Service (laaS), is always met with a number of dubious looks whenever it is mentioned but there is no denying that it is the topic of much conversation and debate. Our technological era has delivered another marvellous invention that not only promises to revolutionise the way we use our computer devices but also when we use them. Nevertheless, if it means we can free up vital space on our hard drives and can access our documents practically anywhere, then we are ready to learn more.

Here at Inventas, we understand that many businesses may be deterred by such a concept. Initial questions involve the exact location of the storage device and how all your business critical applications and email will be saved and accessed remotely.

There is no denying that laaS throws up a whole host of questions and feelings of disquiet, however, it is important to examine the advantages and review how they can help you and your business in the long run. One down side that any business must be made aware of are the use of word processors and data handling systems, that are available with a cloud system. This option is not always included as standard and before use, your company must first pay for the Office Suite of licenses.

On a positive note, laaS can reduce your business’s costs, bypassing the complicated installation of an IT infrastructure and time allocated to its maintenance. Storage need no longer be a major concern thanks to many companies offering competitive storage space. The backing up and restoring of your work is also much easier too, giving you more time to concentrate on more pressing matters.

It all comes down to trust. If you are contemplating cloud computing then you can rely on Inventas. We take security seriously and understand the importance of your sensitive material. Whilst many other companies use a third party service provider to host your systems, we cut out this unnecessary worry by owning and maintaining our own infrastructure. What does this mean for you? It guarantees complete security and trust as well as a laaS that is overseen by expert professionals.

By replacing the historic on-site method a saving can be made, an aspect that is especially appealing to any business mindful of their outgoings in the current economic climate.

We provide Infrastructure as a Service that has exceeded the service level agreement, meaning one thing: thousands of happy customers. We work with a range of key partners who include Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and Veeam to utilise the best technology, alongside platforms that are built on HP servers.

Plus, your data is stored at two of our locations in the UK; Manchester and London, so you can rest easy that your work is situated in the country. Our high speed internet connection tops off the whole package.

If you are still confused about cloud computing, aka ‘cloud’, and how your business can take advantage of this growing trend, then please get in touch with our experts who will offer you independent unbiased advice, catered to your needs and those of your business.

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