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Stock control on an Ecommerce website

Many Ecommerce website owners also own their own retail store where they sell stock from. Keeping track of stock levels when you have such a setup can be quite difficult to maintain. All good Ecommerce systems have at least rudimentary stock control features which are built-in to the site, so that the software will automatically keep track of the stock which has been sold, compared to the number that are reportedly in stock.

Stock control on an Ecommerce website

Managing stock becomes more complex when some items are sold without going via the web interface.
Some retailers get around this by maintaining separate stockpiles for their retail and online stores, but this is not ideal because it increases the risk of you ending up with orphaned stock.

Inventas Stocktaking
It is important that businesses have stock control on an Ecommerce website, such as Inventas‘. This a system which is designed to solve these problems. It works with the Magento ecommerce system, and offers many useful features for cross-platform sellers. You can use Inventas to keep an eye on the stock levels you have across all your sales channels, so you always know how much stock you need to order and you can see what sort of products are in demand.

Tracking Stock
Inventas does not just support Magento, it also supports EPOS systems such as Ebay and Amazon, so you can track your stock in real time, avoiding embarrassing situations where you end up having to apologise to customers because they have ordered something that is no longer in stock.
Magento is rapidly becoming the ecommerce platform of choice for both small and medium-sized online businesses, and it is easy to understand why. With real time reports on what is in stock, on order, and waiting to be shipped, Inventas ensures that you will never find yourself struggling with stock management again.

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