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Ebay Store Integration


iECommerce Ebay Store Integration

Ebay Stock Control Made Easy

Our iECommerce Multi-Channel stock control integration application is a trouble-free and efficient way to manage stock across numerous eBay shops. Stock can be maintained through one interface which displays sales, customer details and orders, in addition to stock numbers.

This highly efficient solution is not only easy to operate; it is also highly proficient in managing accurate stock levels across all of your eBay accounts and shops. The result is satisfied customers who are guaranteed to receive the product they have purchased.

What are the advantages?

  • Lower operational costs and an streamlined system which will keep your listing and stock position up to date.
  • An increase in sales and decrease in refunds.
  • Improve your customer feedback.
  • Happier customers with greater confidence who are more likely to return.
  • Real-time stock reports across multiple eBay shops and stores.

How we can help
Straightforward to use and install, you don’t need to undergo any formal training. Just for a manageable monthly service fee we can provide you and your business with a service as and when you need it.

Will eBay benefit my business?
eBay has helped many businesses to grow online and its popularity is still growing. It is still the number one on-line shopping channel in the UK with over 10% of the market share – making it the perfect option to boost your online selling presence. To fully benefit, it is recommended that you ensure you accurately list what you have to sell and your stock is up to date.

Expand your business online by creating another source of loyal customers who buy from your main web store, bricks and mortar stores as well as Amazon – the possibilities are limitless!

How to contact our team of experts
To find out more about our iECommerce Multi-Channel stock control system contact us on 01737 222 900 and talk to our team of friendly eBay shop integration experts. They will help you setup your store, integrate your listings and stock levels to other online web stores and your Epos system. We welcome any queries you may have and will happily discuss your requirements or considerations – no matter how big or small.

We will ensure you get the best from your eBay experience with iECommerce eBay stock control integration to your Epos system and other online stores.