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Amazon Store Integration


ECommerce Amazon Store Integration

Amazon stock control made easy

Keep track of orders, sales, customer details and, most importantly, your stock across multiple Amazon stores at once. Our low cost and effective iECommerce Multi-Channel stock control integration application makes this possible via a single interface, allowing you to view transactions that take place online and across your retail stores as they happen.

How does it work?
Buyers like nothing better than knowing that the product they are about to purchase online is in stock and ready is to be dispatched. With the iECommerce stock control integration system for Amazon store this is a reality. This transparent, fast, robust system works by maintaining the stock position across all of your Amazon stores.

Avoid stock control situations such as a customer purchasing from your Amazon Web Store only to find out you no longer have the stock as it has already been sold online or in store.

What are the benefits?

  • Maintains the stock position of your Amazon store, keeping your operational costs down.
  • Reduces the percentage of refunds and lost sales.
  • Increased buyer confidence, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Enhances your performance rankings and customer feedback on your Amazon Store.
  • Improves the overall efficiency of your stock control.
  • See your business and reputation grow across,,, and with an iECommerce Amazon stock integration system.

How can Inventas help?
This easy to setup and install system requires no user training or interaction, so you can hit the ground running the instant it is ready. For a small monthly fee, we will provide a service that you can switch on or off as business needs require, paying only when you need to use it.

Our team are experienced in the effective use of Amazon stores and can guide you through the set-up process, managing your lists and keeping stock up to date. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or are considering utilising this system to increase your stock turn through, do not hesitate to contact us on 01737 222 900 for more information.

Take advantage of selling your products on Amazon and if set-up and managed effectively you will see your customer catchment area widen worldwide, with minimal online cost!