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Cloud Computing

In recent years the IT world has been turned on its head by cloud computing. It promises to reduce the cost of obtaining, installing and maintaining IT infrastructure which historically would need to have been located on site. But does cloud really live up to its hype and is it a suitable option for all companies?

Cloud computing involves using a third-party usually a trusted service provider with a large data centre to host your systems which are then accessed over the internet via a secure connection. Pretty much any system from email and databases to other mission critical systems can now be run in the cloud. This can deliver cost savings which look appealing to enterprises which are looking to cut their infrastructure costs. There is of course a trade-off in that some control over your data is being sacrificed.

For many situations cloud computing looks like a compelling option, however, it’s important to find the right solution for you. There are a range of different options to suit various business needs and at Inventas we can provide you with independent advice on the right one for your needs. Because our expertise is in both traditional and cloud computing we’ll make sure you get the right option for your needs.

Cloud Hosting

Here at Inventas our cloud solution has an exceptional reliability record. Over the past 24 months our customers have had no unforeseen downtime. This means that we have exceeded the industry standard SLA of 99.9% over the same time period.

Hosted Exchange

The Inventas hosted email service is designed for smaller businesses and offers the ultimate cloud email solution. There are no restrictions on the minimum number of users, no up-front costs, no minimum contract period and flexible, pay-as-you-go billing.


Inventas Cloud Hosting


Cloud Hosting

Inventas cloud solution has an exceptional record for availability. Our customers have not experienced any unforeseen downtime in the last 24 month period. This means that against an industry standard SLA of 99.9% or 17.5 hours over the same 24 month period Inventas has exceeded this SLA.

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Hosted exchange

Inventas hosted email service designed for the Small Business Enterprise – the ultimate Cloud email solution – no minimum users – no upfront costs – no minimum contract – Pay-as-you-go Flexible billing.

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