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Why a Wireless Stocktaking System is essential for an online retail store

The modern retail marketplace is vastly different to that which existed just a few years ago. The rise and evolution of online retail has given consumers an extra channel through which to conduct their shopping. Although traditional high street shopping is far from extinct, the number of retailers selling on-line only is growing rapidly. On-line stores require stock control functions and processes just like any other retail system and one key area is the need to keep the on-line stock listing ac…

Benefits of Magento iEcommerce

Magento is an ideal platform for ecommerce and content management. If you are a small or medium sized business owner, it makes sense to choose a reliable ecommerce platform to run your shop and share content for your business. The Magento platform is free and open source. This means that it is quite affordable to set up, and that running costs are relatively low. When you use Iecommerce you can run a fast, stable and attractive shop that will impress your customers and also help to smooth your o…

Why Small businesses need an IT Support Company

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy, and in a digital era they need as much support as they can get. This is because dealing with complex IT systems and services in-house can be beyond the reach of smaller firms.

Many companies may be aware of just how impractical it is to hire skilled staff to tackle the myriad IT issues that might arise in the course of normal operations. Meanwhile, the costs associated with outages and downtime can be crippling to businesses with minim…

Frequently Asked Questions about Stocktaking Solutions

Inventas is a stocktaking solution that can help to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your stock management, whether you run a bricks and mortar store or an online one. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Stocktaking Solutions.

How Does Inventas Stocktaking Solutions Work?
The Inventas Stocktaking solution uses a handheld barcode scanner. It works with almost any Windows CE compatible scanner. You can use it with scanners that have mobile connectivity, or ones t…

Stock control on an Ecommerce website

Many Ecommerce website owners also own their own retail store where they sell stock from. Keeping track of stock levels when you have such a setup can be quite difficult to maintain. All good Ecommerce systems have at least rudimentary stock control features which are built-in to the site, so that the software will automatically keep track of the stock which has been sold, compared to the number that are reportedly in stock.

Managing stock becomes more complex when some items are sold…

What is Ecommerce?

E Commerce is the practice of selling products or services online. Almost everyone has had some experience of Ecommerce thanks to popular sites such as Ebay and Amazon. More smaller and medium sized businesses are introducing E commerce services into their repertoire, in a bid to reach a wider base of customers. Inventas explain, what is Ecommerce?

Who can host an Ecommerce website?
If you sell goods or services, you can offer the opportunity for people to pay for them online. They…

Keeping data safe in a Small Business

If you run a small business, you need to consider what information you hold and what damage or distress could be caused to your business, your employees and your customers if that information fell into the wrong hands. Cyber criminals — that is, individuals who commit criminal acts using computers and networks — are always on the lookout for credit card numbers, National Insurance numbers and any other ‘sensitive’ information that they can use for fraudulent purposes. It’s important t…

Tips for Outsourcing Success

Modern businesses can harness outsourcing services for a variety of purposes, from storing data and running apps to hosting a fledgling website. So when choosing the right IT outsourcing company for your business, you need to carefully plan and prepare to make it a successful transition. This will allow your business to save money, enhance resources and partner with a respected third-party provider. Follow out tips for outsourcing success!

A Good Fit
Choose a company which is capable…

The difference between Cloud Computing and Web Hosting

It can be a struggle to get a grip on the various definitions of products and services within the enterprise IT market. However, through doing so means that you can be sure your business has access to the right solutions. Sometimes, there can be confusion about the differences between Cloud Computing and Web Hosting, perhaps seeing them as interchangeable terms.

However, in reality they are quite distinct from one another and getting a handle on the ways in which they differ is important…

Why is my Company Backup so big?

Why is my Backup so big? “I’m only a company of 25 users”

Only the Best Recruiters Limited are a small company of specialist recruiters and pride themselves by only employing the very best recruiters.

Last year, they decided to move their backups to an online service as part of a review of their IT practices.
They were allocated a 250GB of online storage which seemed a lot as their backups were only 90GB.
They understood that the backup was made up from nightly backup and a reten…

Wireless Presentation Solution

Executive Personnel is a recruitment company based in Colchester with over 10 years’ experience within the freight forwarding industry and over that time have developed a reputation as being the company for ‘Sales Recruitment’.

Recruitment company based in Colchester with over 10 years of experience of within the freight forwarding company and with time have developed into a sales recruitment. The Company has recently moved into the heart of Colchester as part of an upgrade to the office…

6 Questions to ask before outsourcing

Outsourcing elements of your IT infrastructure to a third-party vendor can be a big step, but it is increasingly one which small and medium-sized businesses are choosing to take as they seek to cut costs and improve productivity.

Before you take the plunge, here are six questions to ask a potential provider before you commit to a service agreement.

What special skills and experience does your company have?

Checking up on what a provider can do is important, so look out for any indu…

What is IT Support?

Information technology (IT) support, sometimes known simply as technical support, is a service that provides assistance to an individual or company with problems related to computer technology. Businesses can either employ their own IT staff or employ a specific IT support company to perform this function.

Businesses, especially small businesses, may not have the money, resources or space to operate their own dedicated IT support department, so instead ‘outsource’ their IT suppor…

5 tips for choosing an IT Support Company

IT Support is a major part of modern business, so it is important you find the right one for your business. It’s important to do your research on your potential IT Support Company to make sure they have the right skills and experience. Follow these 5 tips for choosing an IT Support Company.


One of the most important things you should check is making sure your potential IT Support can provide everything you need, and the skills to do it well. Upon being asked, they shoul…

Inventas launch new E-Bay/Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Epos

Inventas have launched a new E-Bay/Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Epos Drag and Drop Product creation link and stock control module.

The system will allow the browser to drag and drop products in the RMS Database. To do this, the user will be able to add images, a full description, category and other item essentials including size, brand and condition. This simple to use system will create a rich customer browsing experience.

Through an item editor, information can be updated to all…

Benefits of an Ecommerce Site

If you are a shop or business owner, a website is one of the best ways to expand your business as people are looking for your products daily. There are many benefits of an Ecommerce site. Internet shopping has naturally become a convenient way to purchase products at any day or time. Whether you want groceries, clothes, games, sporting goods or almost any other product, if it can be sent in the mail, it can be bought online.

There are many reasons to why your business should have an ec…

How website design affects your business

A business website is like a store front for your business on the internet. Having an eye-catching store front can turn a passing visitor into a customer. For this reason, it is important that you ensure to make a good first impression with your website. Ensure it is professional-loooking and visually appealing websites which are more likely to convert. It’s important to understand how website design affects your business.

Potential customers will place a lot of emphasis on looks, even…

4 Reasons your site should be mobile ready

Last month, mobile internet usage exceeded desktop internet usage for the first time. Today, mobile phones are almost ubiquitous in the western world, and any company that does not have a good mobile web presence is likely to get left behind. Consumers expect to be able to use their mobiles to surf the web, look up information, read the news, engage with brands via social media and do pretty much everything that they do on their PCs too. Having a mobile site has numerous benefits, discover out…

How to keep Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud computing is seeing a steady increase of users both business and personal as it’s a convenient way to access data. The cloud has become a part of life to the point that people rely on it as a data repository, and trust that the information is going to be there later for retrieval. Users may put their faith in the encryption used by the cloud servers, but it never hurts to be vigilant about safety when it comes to keeping data secure. Follow our tips on how to keep data safe in the cloud:…

Advantages of Stock Control

Stock control is an essential part of a business operation, and as a business grows, the need for accurate stock control becomes even more important. The aim of stock control is to minimise the cost of holiday stocks whilst ensuring that there is enough stock on site to meet customer demand. There are many advantages of Stock Control.

If a business holds excess stock it could increase warehouse and insurance costs, with some products becoming damaged, obsolete or going out of date whilst…