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Wireless Presentation Solution

Executive Personnel is a recruitment company based in Colchester with over 10 years’ experience within the freight forwarding industry and over that time have developed a reputation as being the company for ‘Sales Recruitment’.

Recruitment company based in Colchester with over 10 years of experience of within the freight forwarding company and with time have developed into a sales recruitment. The Company has recently moved into the heart of Colchester as part of an upgrade to the office. Paula Carter, the CEO of the Company, wanted two state of the art solution for presentations in the boardroom and two further meeting rooms.

Paula thoroughly researched the market place but the only solutions she was offered were either too expensive or required equipment to be on show.

Paula who has been a client of Inventas for seven years then asked Jaco Weyers one of our business development managers if he would look at sourcing a solution.

The brief Paula gave Jaco was:

The system should have no cables or devices on show, and the system should seamlessly connect to their wifi no matter which room they wanted to present in. The system also need the facility to allow multiple users to project their computer or mobile device screens onto the flat screen TV’s.

The system also needed other uses to use the system to project their computers and mobiles onto the flat screens TV. The solution in which Jaco came up with met Paula’s brief on functionality and just as important on price.

The solution Inventas installed was based upon The WePresent- 1000 system which is a professional presentation device that allows a group of up to 64 users to take turns in giving presentations from their Windows/Mac Computer, Smartphone or Tablet.

Wireless presentation solution

The result of Inventas’ Wireless Presentation Solution

Paula and her team have been very impressed by the solution not only with its simplicity aesthetics but its case of use.

Discover more about how the Wireless Presentation Solution works:

Wireless presentation solution

Wireless presentation solution

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