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Inventas launch new E-Bay/Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Epos

Inventas have launched a new E-Bay/Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics RMS Epos Drag and Drop Product creation link and stock control module.

The system will allow the browser to drag and drop products in the RMS Database. To do this, the user will be able to add images, a full description, category and other item essentials including size, brand and condition. This simple to use system will create a rich customer browsing experience.

Through an item editor, information can be updated to all I web channels which can be in the form of picture files, links to your website or FTP file depository. The user can select which web channel they wish to list the item. For example, in our demonstration is for eBay were our system holds a full set of eBay categories and item specific details, our system then updates them item with the eBay recommended product details.

For more details about how simple and intuitive our system is, take a look at the screenshots for our iEcommerce Web Channel Manager:

When running the iECommerce web Channel Manager, you will be presented at the Home Screen.

Home Screen

The Web Products browse provides access to items which have been selected for sale by the user on nominated web channels. These can be selected directly from your existing RMS EPOS system.


To add items, click Add Items. There will be list presented of all RMS products that have been selected as Web Items in the RMS system.

Image 3

The system allows the user to search for individual items or groups of items by using the search options. All items can be selected if this is required.


To select items for inclusion through using the normal select, ctrl select and shift select operations.


When you click Select, the items will be linked into the iEcommerce system.


To prepare an item for upload to the web you need to add additional information to the basic data that comes from RMS. Information will include:

• Images
• Full Description.
• Category.
• Item details including size, brand, condition etc.

Click Update to access the item editor. On the first tab you can update information common to all web channels.


You can select one or more images. These can be picture files or links to your web site or FTP file repository.


Next you select the web channel where you wish to list the item. You will need to update the specific details for the selected web channel in order to have the item accepted by the service. In the example below, the item will be listed on EBay.


The system holds the full set of EBay categories and item detail specifics.


The selected category updates the item with the EBay recommended product details. Simply select the appropriate details for the items that you have available to list.


Once all the required details have been updated, the system indicates that the item is Ready.


Finally, click the publish button to initiate the upload process. Whilst the items are being uploaded, you can proceed to transfer and edit new items.

For further information about the launch of the system, please contact us.

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