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The Importance of Email Archiving

With an estimated fivefold increase in the volume of sent emails over the last decade, it is no surprise that many businesses have turned to email archiving as a means of keeping their electronic messaging traffic organised, easily retrievable and efficiently stored. Email is the primary means of communication in work and outside the organization. Inventas explore the Importance of Email Archiving.

Email archive

Email archiving solutions involve the moving of older mail from inboxes into large storage areas where they are kept indefinitely. This allows for enhanced data protection and retrieval as data is stored safely away from email inboxes, which can fall foul of hackers, in a comprehensive and fully searchable storage area. In a similar fashion to conventional data backup utilities sent and received emails automatically have all their components, including body copy and attachments, saved in a read only format.

Email archiving solutions are centred around providing businesses with independence and security in the way in which they communicate. Emails that have been deleted from the company inbox are automatically saved to the storage cloud where they typically have a smaller file size than their counterparts in the inbox as well as no longer using up memory on the company inbox. Whilst all new messages are still viewable in the inbox visual clutter is lessened as vast multitudes of emails are archived away, which leads to a more streamlined communication experience. Availability and accessibility of data is guaranteed as email archiving solutions deliver complete protection against data loss and can typically be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection via a range of devices including computers, tablets and mobiles.

Businesses that utilise email archiving receive assurance that their communications are safe and in compliance with the law. As well as their inbox never losing or failing to receive messages owing to constraints from the server or mailbox, business leaders can feel sure that should their business be involved with legal proceedings, they will be fully able to comply with the wishes of the court in retrieving information that has been deemed pertinent to the case. A great many court proceedings involving businesses will use company emails as evidence so it is important for companies to be able to locate emails from months and years in the past quickly and effectively. Should a business leader find themselves or close associates of their company on trial they will doubtlessly find a full list of their company emails to be hugely beneficial to them in court.

On a more general level email archiving solutions are proven to increase productivity through their easy to use and speedy search system. As email is one of the primary forms of corporate communication a great deal of files and knowledge is transported through a company’s email system. A workforce that can search easily through a multitude of emails to find a certain file or piece of information is a huge advantage to that which cannot. Also with less technical skill needed to run the company inbox email archiving is proven to reduce IT costs for businesses, which is of great benefit to companies who are looking to expand whilst looking to keep their costs in check. It it vital to remember the Importance of Email Archiving.

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