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How to keep Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud computing is seeing a steady increase of users both business and personal as it’s a convenient way to access data. The cloud has become a part of life to the point that people rely on it as a data repository, and trust that the information is going to be there later for retrieval. Users may put their faith in the encryption used by the cloud servers, but it never hurts to be vigilant about safety when it comes to keeping data secure. Follow our tips on how to keep data safe in the cloud:

Data safe in the cloud

Avoid storing sensitive information in the cloud. There is no knowing who has access to data on the server side. It is best to keep your documents on home computers or on your own portable devices.

Create secure passwords that are difficult to guess. Never give out passwords over the phone or through email, even if you think you are speaking to IT. Technical support people only ask for basic information and are never to ask for passwords. Change passwords on a regular basis, and use a password safe if you feel you’ll forget them.

Always ensure your important files are backed up. Do not rely on the cloud to never fail. Even though the remote servers have redundancy designs, it’s guarantee that your information will be there when you look for it. By putting your information on a second hard drive, thumb drive or other media of your choice. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and keep data safe in the cloud.

Use encryption for very sensitive documents. Taking this step does require that the sender and recipient have passwords for the information, but it’s another layer of security. By the time a hacker can get through encryption, the information will be unusable and out of date. The hacker knows this, which makes your data that much less of a target.

Always keep business and personal separate. Never perform personal business on work computers, and vice-versa. Smart phones are an excellent way around the need to use a work computer to perform personal business. It keeps sensitive information out of the hands of those who don’t need to see this, including hackers and bosses alike.

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