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4 Reasons your site should be mobile ready

Last month, mobile internet usage exceeded desktop internet usage for the first time. Today, mobile phones are almost ubiquitous in the western world, and any company that does not have a good mobile web presence is likely to get left behind. Consumers expect to be able to use their mobiles to surf the web, look up information, read the news, engage with brands via social media and do pretty much everything that they do on their PCs too. Having a mobile site has numerous benefits, discover out 4 reasons your site should be mobile ready.

Mobile ready site

Mobiles Are Quick and Easy

Consumers want to be able to pull out their phones and look up information about products and businesses. If they cannot use a resource provided by your company to find the information that they need, then they will likely look to a competitor. Make sure that your brand is available online, and that if you have a bricks and mortar premises, they will be able to find the address via the mobile.

Your Competitors Are Mobile-Ready

Mobile users are impatient, and if your website does not load within eight seconds, they will hit the back button and look for another website to visit. Your competitors are mobile-friendly, so don’t give your customers a reason to try another website. Provide a positive experience and keep your customers loyal to you.

Easy to Use

Mobile-friendly designs offer at-a-glance information, including product listings, location data, special offers and more. Mobile-optimized sites aren’t just handy for mobile users, they are popular with desktop users that are in a hurry too, and they are often more accessible than old-fashioned desktop-centric websites, which makes them good for users with disabilities too.

Mobile Users Are Demanding

Mobile users are tech-savvy, but they usually have strong purchase intent. By forcing yourself to think about mobile-friendly design, you will make improvements to your website that will help you to improve your conversion rate and attract more customers.

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